DIY Directory

Are you in a currently active band?  

We’ll be establishing a directory of currently active Houston-based bands.  The purpose of this is to provide more efficient access to contacts so that touring bands that are coming through town as well as local bands can connect more easily.  No more mining Bandcamp and Facebook.

Email us at with your band name and one single web link that includes 1) your music 2) a reliable way to contact you. (For example, your Bandcamp, Facebook, or website URL).

Do you run a venue or a DIY space?

We’ll be establishing a directory for that as well.

Anything else?  We are looking for artists that do posters, shirts, album art.  Copy or print shops.  People that like to put up flyers or help to promote.  Writers that can help write bios or press releases or – show previews/reviews for this website!

Contact us at